S...peachy Feedback Linky!

Excuse me while I feel bad for myself over totally insignificant things.

For starters, I volunteered to help {which actually means I will completely take over the entire project} with my elementary school's presentation at the next Board of Education meeting.  I will be creating an iMovie depicting our school system's 3 goals with video and clips of students and teachers.  Sounds great so far, right?  Enter crashing of my MacBookPro, 2 weeks before the video is due.

Tonight I sit down to write a quick IEP {if there is such a thing} for a Monday morning meeting and well the remote server isn't interested in responding and likely hasn't since at least the middle of last week.  Hello remote server, do you think all SLPs are able to get evaluations and IEPs done at school?  I did stay until 8pm on Friday night, working until 6pm and then running the popcorn machine for family bingo night, can you please cut me some slack?

I'm hearing crickets...

Okay, so school computer that won't connect to the server, let's try blogging.  Post topic...more crickets.  How about joining a linky party?  I think Nicole over at Speech Peeps is hosting a "Speachy" feedback linky.  If only I could figure out how to organize myself enough to know that this happens every 3rd Monday of the Month.  So, it's only Saturday night, on time, right?

Thanks to Kristin Peace for providing such positive feedback on my first TpT product Back to Speech created this past summer.

"As a new school-based SLP, I truly appreciate any help in getting organized. I absolutely love the contract! Sometimes the kids just shrug when I ask them why they come to speech! I'm always trying to make them aware of why they're here so I don't always just get asked: "Are we going to play a game today?" Thanks for putting your product out there!"

Obviously you made my day!  Thanks so much for your fabulous feedback.  I did set out to make sure my students know why attending speech is important and having them write goals and verbalize targets is really a routine now!  It is actually great timing that you recently commented, as I plan to update this product for next school year with some changes, so please be on the lookout during the summer.

Kristin Peace, email me at 1sparklleslp@gmail.com or comment below with your email.  You can choose a product from my TpT store and I'll send you the link!

Now, without my MacBookPro, no writing of an IEP, and this blog post complete, I may just start rearranging a room while everyone else in my house sleeps!  Yes, my husband is a very tolerant man, in case you were wondering!

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