Speechies in need!

I think I've mentioned what a phenomenal group of SLPs I just happen to be so lucky to work among.  As I have grown to adore and admire these ladies over the last decade, there have been times when our department has been in need of thoughts and prayers, and we have come together in support.  Well today, my blogosphere and Instagram SLP friends, I am hoping you can give a moment to add a thought or a prayer and send it our way for a new mom, a young mom, and a daughter each could use some extra support!

I read about those SLPs with super powers, the lovers of Jesus, those that always give compliments, the overly generous ones, the ones that love every minute, and every SLP in between.  Although I've never met most of you, I already have a special place in my heart for you.  Our profession is a unique group of individuals and however I landed in this phenomenal career surrounded by these genuine characters, I sure am grateful!

Sending thoughts and prayers any way I know how!

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