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Thank you Jenna at Speech Room News for giving me another blog topic, one in which I have been planning for...the TpT Sale!  My cart is always full of goodies from creative and intelligent SLPs.  TpT you rock!  More now than ever I need to shop for materials, if you have been reading you know my MacBook Pro crashed and doesn't seem to want to come back to life.  I guess making products set it over the edge.  I guess I'll just be spending now instread of making a few pennies!

Speech Room News Linky
Here is my newest product, which will be an sale this Thursday and Friday at 28% off, just remember to use the code TPT3 at checkout.

March into Speech and Language

Now, for my cart!

In rearranging my kids' rooms I found that I actually own a lot of the Old Lady books, so having this companion would be grand!

My sparklle buddy, 2spark, just asked me about this next download of awesomeness.  Mini Speech Club Spring may just be the answer to getting through this busy time of year!

Did you even have to ask if I was getting another one of these Write and Say the Room packets from All Y'All Need?  If you follow me on Instagram at 1sparklleslp you would know about this obsession.

Another Disney lover, Mia McDaniel, has added to her Articulation Cans product.  Y.E.S. you C.A.N. count me in!

Finally {for now} I am adding The TLC Shop's Language Luck.  I love category exclusion activities, so this one fits right in with some of my students' goals!

Do I have to wait until Thursday?  What's in your cart?


  1. Thanks for the mention! Your March packet is in my cart!

    All Y'all Need

    1. Absolutely and thanks for your generosity! Congrats on the feature on SRN's spotlight series too! You totally deserve it!


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