You deserve a gold star!

Whether you need a little reinforcement for an Olympic theme this week or you are prepping already for St. Patrick's Day {yes, I am jealous}, here is a quick freebie for you.  Thanks to the generosity of The TLC Shop again, I used some of her cute clipart to create this product.  I also used my favorite font Cherry on Top from The First Grade Scoop.

Gold Star Coin Reinforcement can be used while targeting any skill.

To prepare:  Print several copies of the small star coins page.  Cut and laminate.  Print one gold star coin collector card for each student in the group.  
To use:  Use as a reinforcement activity.  Place cards face down on the table or in a container.  Students take turns choosing cards.  The student(s) ending with a gold star coin wins!  Watch out for trade a coin cards and lose all coins.

Have a great week!

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