Logical Speech!

My son has been teaching me how to play Chess.  Let's just say, I am a S.L.O.W. learner.  Did I mention patience was not a virtue of mine?!  But, it started me thinking about adding some logic games into my speech room to spark some interest and work across the curriculum {win, win}!  So, I created some 4 in a Row Articulation boards and tried them out with my students last week.  We practiced word and sentence level and the motivation to get to the next turn was impressive.  A little tallying told me we reached about 20 trials per game {because they had to say the word and the sentence with the word each time} and we played at least 3 games per session.  Each student had to play against me once, so that I could collect data {and try not to lose at the same time}.  Now I have visions of 4 in a Row Grammar and Vocabulary!  For now, I'm excited to share 4 in a Row Articulation with all of you!

Check out my TpT store for {FREEBIE} 4 in a Row Articulation boards that include one board for each /sh, ch, j/ sounds, /l, r, s/ sounds, and /k, g, f/ sounds in both the initial and final positions of words.  I also included a blank board too.  These boards worked great for readers from 2nd-5th grade.

I'm on the hunt to hack some chess/checkers board games too!  Let me know if you think your students would enjoy these logical speech activities!


  1. Is this played like tic tac toe? I couldn't find insturctions!

    1. It is played like Connect 4. We pretended we were sliding the "checkers" down into the slots, so we had to have the bottom filled first, connecting 4 either across, down, or diagonally. You could also just add marks anywhere and get 4 in a row. Hope that helps!


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