No foolin'

Do you love a little joking around on April Fool's Day?  I must say, I am totally not a prankster.  I often don't get jokes and I surely don't want to make others feel embarrassed or embarrass myself.  I know, totally B.O.R.I.N.G!  But, I will surely bring some fun jokes into the speech room.

I posted previously about using jokes in the speech room, thanks to the idea from a creatively talented SLP.  Jokes can be used to target a wide variety of speech and language areas, including speech sounds in reading and conversation, social language (conversational exchange and humor), and vocabulary (multiple meanings and play on words).

 So, if you are interested in some fun puns to celebrate April Fool's Day, download my April Foolish {Freebie}!

This product contains 31 familiar April Fool's, Spring, and Easter jokes on cards {black and white graphics and text}.

How are you celebrating April Fool's Day in your speech room?

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  1. I love this. Thanks! I must admit, though, I love a little April Fool silliness and am planning to dress up as my old aunt a la Erik Raj! Hee-hee!!!


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