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My local radio station quoted a study on body responsiveness indicating that 5% of the population is not affected by music {source unknown}, well I'm definitely in the majority on this one.  Earlier this week, on a group text chain involving some members of our speech department, a text read with the following, "I played Moon River by Andy Williams on my phone with my head phones on walking down the hall just to calm me after a meeting...then I played Happy from Despicable Me just to get myself out of my self-induced coma."

Haven't we all been there?  What are your go to tunes to calm you or pump you up?  Currently, I'm totally into Timber by Ke$ha.  It came on the radio on Friday morning, just as I was driving to work.  EXACTLY what I needed for a pick me up!  I pay no attention to the lyrics, it's all in the beat.  Not to mention, Let it Go from Frozen is quite affective or effective right now, either way you want to look at it.  I need to let a lot go.  The lyrics in this one make it!

So, chances are you are in the majority like me and might just be relying on a little music these days.  Here is an open ended freebie to rock out with in your speech room.  Why not play some music while your students fill in this home practice articulation worksheet!  You can download it for FREE here in my TpT store.

Before I start singing or dancing, neither of which I do in public {for a reason}, I'm logging off.

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  1. I need to let a lot go too, and that song is constantly in my head! I hope things calm down for you, at least we have a fun weekend to look forward to. Those are the things that try to get me through.


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