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It's speachy feedback linky time again!  Thank you Nicole {and thanks for giving me a reminder on when that baby is due...I had a feeling the little bundle was arriving soon}!  Such a fun time of the month to see how others are rating your products.  This month, there are 2 winners, one for a paid product and one for a free product! 

Allison Speech Peeps "Speachy" Feedback Linky Party!

This month I'm excited to share a comment on my Thematic Open Ended Articulation Worksheets-Home Practice product.

Melody Z. comments:  "I can't wait to use all year round!"

Melody Z. make sure you re-download this purchase, as I recently added themes for second semester.  There are 37 open ended worksheets in all now. 

Here's another comment on my freebie Carrier Phrases for Speech Therapy, in which I use often in my speech room {although now that I've learned a bit more about creating products, I totally want to re design this freebie again}.

Lisa Varo SLP comments:  "I always have little papers cut and laying around.  Now I am going to laminate them and put them together in an envelope for an activity.  Always trying to organize so I can find things quickly.  Thanks for sharing!"

She must have known about my little obsession with organizing, organizing again, and well likely again and again...  One SLP can never be too organized!

It's your lucky day Melody Z. and Lisa Varo SLP.  Contact me via email at 1sparklleslp@gmail.com to choose a product from my store.  I just added a new monthly themed packet for April, in case you are ahead in your planning.  If not, the March packet can still get you through the month.

Don't forget to check out the other blogs to see if you have won!

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