A week in review...April 2014

Let's just say I've been experiencing some feelings of being OVERWHELMED.  What's a girl to do when feeling this way?  AVOID all responsibilities!  Yep, that is just what I have been doing.  The function of my behavior is avoidance {Functional Behavior Assessment anyone?} and I'm in need of a behavior plan to get me back on track.  Timer...check.  List...check.  Reward...okay!

So, the first item on my list is to finally link up with Old School Speech for a week in review.  Since I'm on spring break {yes, it's snowing here}, I thought I would link up with some activities that were happening in my speech room right before break.  My fabulous {soon to be graduating} student teacher has been running the show twice a week in my speech room, so I've just been snapping photos!

For starters, we used a quick creation, thanks to the TLC Shop for her fabulous graphics, of chicks and eggs.  You can grab this FREEBIE in my TpT store.  I used the cold laminator to laminate these cuties and we stuck them in eggs hidden around the room.  My student teacher found some cute dollar spot felt baskets and after each student finished a target skill the hunting for an egg began.  At the end of the session, after all the eggs were discovered, the cracking began {literally, we had kids cracking open the plastic eggs, it was a hoot!}.  Chicks were unlucky and eggs were totaled up to find a winner.  Everyone accepted winning and losing in stride and the best part, the students hid the eggs for the next group!  So much fun!

The next heavily used item last week was a book companion from Speech Rooms News for The Little Old Lady Who Swallowed a Chick! by Lucille Colandro.  I am so very glad I bought this product, as it reminded me the benefit of using books in speech therapy.  Often times I avoid {there is that behavior again} bringing out a book because I feel I am taking too much time reading it, when the session is short already.  However, I am here to tell you, it is totally worth the language results you will receive in the end!  I merely used the companion for retelling and some basic yes/no and 'wh' questions for my kindergarten groups, ah-mazing!  Extra benefits...subjective pronoun 'she' and regular past tense -ed, not to mention the descriptors {yes, she did swallow that candy to sweeten the egg}.  Thank you Lucille Colandro and Jenna.

 As my organizing and purging obsession is in full bloom to avoid, at least I grabbed some books from my kids stash to put in my speech bag.  My house is looking pretty organized {for today that is} and I'm finally done with those taxes {I didn't just hit the post office before 5 o'clock}, so no excuses to get on with some more of my to do list.

Happy spring break for anyone that is finding a little extra time this week!

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  1. Thanks for linking up! Love the egg idea!!!


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