Love It and List: Behavior Management

As usual I'm late to the party.  Maybe it was because I has to wrestle my 9 year old for the computer or possibly due to the fact that I was having too much fun on our new family trampoline reliving my gymnastics days.  Either way, I'm here with some behavior management that is used in my speech room.  Thanks to Jenna over at Speech Room News for hosting.

This year, I went with the Bucket Filling Theme.  You can read all about it here and get the freebie here.  I have a bucket on my bulletin board and I give away tickets for students that have "filled my bucket."  Coming to speech on time, taking turns, practicing with extra effort, showing caring and compassion, and many more bucket filling activities have showered the speech room with goodness this year.  At the end of each month, I pull a whole bunch of these tickets out and post them on the bulletin board.  Since I use a sticker reinforcement chart too, which is part of my Back to Speech packet {can't wait to update this for next year}, I give students an extra sticker on their chart if their name is pulled.  The sticker chart allows for prize opportunities when a goal is reached.

Luckily for me, this is really the only behavior management system I need for 90% of my students!

During social skills, we rely heavily on MGW's expected and unexpected behaviors as well as good vs. weird thoughts and The Incredible 5-Point Scale, which has been adapted into a feelings scale and behavior scale by some very smart members of our SLP and OT departments.  

Often times during the beginning of the year with kindergarten groups, additional behavior management is required.  At these times, the best and most efficient way for me has been to use a simple First Work/Then Choice visual or an I'm working for {choice} token system.  With the latter, a simple sticky note with boxes for number of positives {tokens, checks, stars} required and the end goal {iPad, card towers, Legos, drawing} is totally acceptable in my book.  I also have some fancy token boards with Velcro or those laminated for dry erase, when needed.

So, go ahead, check out some more behavior management techniques for your speech room here.  I already have some news ideas for next year!  Thanks for stopping by!

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