Camp-in Speech Style!

This week, we are camping in the speech room!  Short of bringing my tent and sleeping bag {I should as I try desperately to finish the last of my IEPs}, you might just catch us flipping eggs with my FREEBIE Multiple Meaning Flip or fishing for speech words with Super Duper's Fish & Say.

Here are some other freebies from generous TpTers to add to your camping theme!

Camping Speech Sheets

Camping Language

Camping and Forest Vocabulary

Off to Grammar Camp Pronoun Pack

Gone Camping Open Ended Board Game

Here is my newest product Camp-in Speech and Language.  Should you have any effort left for cutting and laminating, I'm putting this product on sale through Memorial Day!

This camping themed speech and language packet includes 1 cover card and 17 target cards for each of the following skills.  {Cards can be cut and laminated or kept as a whole page in a sheet protector and used for drill activities during speech and language sessions.}
(Boy with backpack) Packed with Details:  Listening for details in sentences.
(Boy roasting marshmallow) Roasting up Good Speech:  Open ended articulation activity cards.
(Tent with girl) Camp-in Camp-out What Doesn’t Belong:  Choose what doesn’t belong from a group of 4.
(Flashlight) Follow the Path with Directions:  3-step direction cards.
(Canoe) Canoe Comparisons:  Identify similarities and differences among the two items.
(Campfire) Fired Up for Conversations:  Conversation starters.
(Hot dog on a stick) Cooking Up Regular Verbs:  Regular verb word/picture cards for sentence formulation.
(Tent) Pitch a Sentence Irregular Verbs:  Irregular verb word cards for sentence formulation.
(S’more) S’more Sequences:  Everyday routines for sequencing events.
(Oar) Expected Oar Unexpected Behaviors:  Scenarios for identifying behaviors.
Bonus:  3 pronoun cards and 10 camping items to practice subjective:  he, she, they; objective:  her, him, them; possessive:  his, hers, theirs pronouns. 
Included Worksheets:  3-part and 4-part sequencing templates, Venn diagram, writing template, and open ended articulation.
Camp-In Open Ended Reinforcement Activity:  Print, cut, and laminate copies for each student in the group.  Roll the dice and collect items for your campsite.  {Can also be used as a barrier activity.}

I'm pretty sure I'll get my craft on with a craftivity.  Crazy Speech World debuted this one during Fire Safety Week.  My construction paper strips are already cut and ready!

Have I mentioned my blog and TpT speechie pal, The TLC Shop?
Don't mind if I do again.  Simply amazing and incredibly generous!  The TLC Shop created a Camp-In Speech and Language Add-On product with multisyllabic word cards and game boards.  You can find this fabulous product here in her TpT store.  You might stay awhile, getting through the 399 products!  Wowzers!

Hopefully your students will be happy campers as the school year comes to an end!

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