Bug-Themed Speech Therapy

I'm thinking we are going to get a little buggy with it in the speech room!  Just check out all these freebies to get buggy in your speech room!

Bugging Out with Social Skills

Bug Prepositions

Multiple Meaning Bug Out!

Token Boards

Bugged Out Antonyms

Ladybug Pacing Board

Artic Bugs /l, r, w/

Artic Bugs /k, g, s/ words

Artic Bugs /k, g, s/ pictures

Artic Bugs /f/ and /s/ blends

Vocab Bugs

Smash the Bug Articulation

Catch a Bug Game

Craftivity Love Bug

Once you've printed and prepped all these bug goodies, I've added a Getting Buggy Grammar  in my TpT store to round out the target skills for my caseload and week of buggy-ness!

A bug themed grammar packet using cloze sentences with 9 “buggy” target cards for each of the following:
Have/has {black outline}
Is/are {green outline}
Present tense –s verbs {blue outline}
Regular past tense –ed verbs {red outline}
Irregular past tense verbs {orange outline}
Buggy Game Cards {purple outline}
Bonus:  Target pronouns {he, she, they, him, her, them, his, her, theirs} using boy/girl and pair along with bug cards.  Ex:  Give the bug to him.  They have the bees.  The bug is hers.
Getting Buggy Open Ended Writing Worksheet

Getting Buggy Open Ended Articulation Worksheet FREEBIE!

Grab your Getting Buggy Open Ended Articulation FREEBIE in my TpT store.  Super special thanks to my TpT and blog friend The TLC Shop for the buggy graphics!

Tell me how you might get buggy with it in your speech room and I'll choose two random winners for a free copy of Getting Buggy Grammar!

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