May Flowers of Speech and Language

Oh yea it's May...  Need I say more?  I MAY not!

If you are in need of some quick activities to target a variety of activities, visit my TpT store for this May Flowers of Speech and Language Packet.  I will have it HALF OFF, that's only $1.25 until Sunday, May 4, 2014.

Flowerful Comparisons:   17 word pairs for comparing and contrasting and a graphic organizer

Sunsational Synonyms:  15 word pairs for matching synonyms

Bouquet of Questions:  15 open ended questions for conversational exchange

Patriotic Pragmatics:  14 spring behaviors for identifying associated feelings and problem solving.

Quackin' Good Speech:  15 /k/ and 15 /f/ word cards along with a /sh, ch, th/ word list

Blooming Receptive Language:  15 detailed sentences with mixed 'wh' questions

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow:  8 regular and 8 irregular verb picture cards

Super Flower Speech:  Open Ended Articulation Reinforcement

Flower Power Reinforcement:  Open Ended Coloring Reinforcement

Flower Reinforcement Activity:  Match letters to each board for reinforcement.

May Flowers of Speech and Language:  Open Ended Writing

I hope the flowers are in full bloom and your spirits are high for a great month!

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