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Today, I'm taking a moment to share my speech materials organization system.  Since I jumped on the product creating and TpT purchasing band wagon, I have accumulated a great deal of materials this year alone.  So that I'm ready for therapy in another building next year, I wanted to make sure I had everything organized.

First, I organize each material using a gallon size zippered bag.

Then, I try to slip the bags into hanging file folders labeled according to theme and if necessary, area {articulation, grammar, language, open ended} as well.

Each hanging file gets put into a clear storage bin.  I repurposed several containers that had previously been storing toys in my son's room.  Then, I started collecting clear file storage containers from Target {picking one up each time I did a shopping trip}.  Yes, I would prefer if they were all exactly the same, but I will continue to fight the obsessive urge to achieve this bliss!

I've added my Lessons and Materials Organization bin labels HERE in TpT store!

I added one label for each season.

This label is editable to add your own theme.

This label is completely blank.

Prior to all these new materials, I used an envelope storage system, where each large clasp envelope was laminated and contents contained inside, sorted into file folders and hanging files within a filing cabinet.  This system also served me very well for the last 13 years.  Now, the only difference is our school laminator stopped working in August, preventing me from laminating the large envelopes.  Enter gallon size zippered bags.  Another bonus or change if you will, I can easily move the theme's bin right next to my therapy table, as compared to the filing cabinet where I had to pull out materials each week and pile them nearby.

I'm still changing out my worksheet organization system.  I used to keep all originals in a file folder, labeled as such, with a sticky note on the original, reminding me not to use the last one for therapy.  I have since started to collect originals in sheet protectors within a flexible binder.  I'm not sold on the change, so I'll keep you updated.

Here is a sneak peak that I shared on IG for organizing therapy manuals in a cabinet or on shelves.

I was completely tired of the manuals falling over {even with bookends}, so I started using white dish tub bins.  Mighty sturdy as they may be, not so decorative.  Then, this awesome SLP picked up baskets for $1 each at Dollar General and I quickly bought out the store and made some simple labels.  You can grab this FREEBIE too!  I laminated, punched 2 holes, and then strung plastic wire ties through the holes and the basket.

These are the editable labels.  I also included tons of labels for speechy stuff!

Do you have any good tips for keeping your materials organized?

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