Smile because it happened!

I've been working in the same elementary school since my career as a school-based SLP began.  I can still remember a very apprehensive kindergartener clinging to her teacher's leg, not even taking her coat off at school.  This year she'll be graduating {and luckily I was again able to work with her during her junior and senior years!}.  With a diagnosis of apraxia of speech and very little communication upon entering school, this now 19 year old has a full time office technology job gained through her work study program, is extremely independent and continues to gain confidence in speaking!  

So, why is this such a big deal {besides the obvious communication victory}?  My elementary school is closing and I've been telling everyone else to be strong as our students and staff get split mainly between two buildings {neither of which I will be going}.  It's my time to have a mini meltdown...and then smile because it happened.  The latter is just what I am going to do!  {If you follow me on Instagram, yes, I did consider moving to Georgia.  Just thinking that may be a bit too drastic, at least for now.}  

With this extremely busy time of year, it remains hard to even think of anything else besides completing IEPs and ETRs {Evaluation Team Reports}.  So I'm making myself capture the little parts I will miss so much!  Here's to #smilebecauseithappenedwildcats!  You can catch some of the little memories I wish to never forget if you follow @sparklleslp on Instagram.  I'll try to flood the stream of pictures until school lets out!  I know my memories will live on!  {I've already done some pinky promising with my bestie teacher friends that we would remain close!}

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