Week in Review: The Aftermath of the TpT Teachers Sale

Can I just say TpT rocks!  Anyone with me?

The cart I shared with you here was nothing compared to the final purchases I actually made.  It was such a rush!  And the extra sale day, perfection!  Thankfully, generous sellers offer additional licenses to share with other professionals at half the price {Did you know that?}.  Our department took total advantage!  We had text and e-mail chains to share the resources we already owned and then it was every SLP for herself as the responses for additional licenses registered!  So exciting!

Since it was state testing week and many of us were proctoring, there was little to report happening in my speech room, with the exception of the quiet zone and very hard working students.  Therefore, my week in review consisted of all the purchasing, printing, cutting, and laminating.

Here is what I added to my cart in addition to those items from the What's in Your Cart?  Linky!

Reading & Responding, Interpreting Language and much more {with text messages!} by Mia McDaniel

There Was an Old Lady Universal Articulation Companion Preschool & Elementary by Jenna Rayburn

I did quite a bit of additional license purchases from my previous purchases based on my most used items to share with other SLPs!

Articulation Cans by Mia McDaniel

Reader's Theater for Articulation by Nicole Allison

Phone A Friend!  Communication Skills Activity by Jenn Alcorn

Common Core Speaking & Listening Rating Scales K-5 by Jenn Alcorn {Which I honestly use daily!}

 Here is what I was able to snag at half price from my SLP friends!

Evidenced-Based Practice Quick Reference by Carissa Ten Hoeve {I guess there is no need to fulfill my New Year's Resolution now to link EBP}

Context Clues Packet Using Tier Vocabulary by Nicole Allison

Here is a picture of my new binders I found on clearance at Walmart for a few of my TpT reference purchases.  {Materials have to be in organized cuteness, of course!}

Everything is printed and my laminating fairy is hard at work.  I've been informed that I need to buy more Scotch Thermal Laminating Letter Size Pouches 3 mil in 100 or 200 packs on Amazon!  I'll get on the price checking.  {And I better get cracking on a generous end of the year gift for my fairy too!}

Another great week!

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