Week in Review: Camping

So, last week {in between meetings} we enjoyed some camping themed activities.  Likely I will be carrying this theme into another week, so I am all planned!  Right or wrong, there are so many things I LOVE about the idea of camping.  For starters, organizing all those materials to take with you and packing them ever so neatly in a compact way.  CRAZY LOVE!  Who doesn't love a good campfire and s'mores?  Are you with me on this one?  Those stinkin' cute trailers in their pop up or push out nature are just so fun to me.  What I don't like...bugs and bug bites, hot humid weather {unless I'm at the beach}, and showering in an outhouse.  Someday I hope to buy one of those motor homes and just camp {in-style} around the country.  Until then, here are some camping themed activities we enjoyed in the speech room.

We used my Camp-In Speech and Language packet to tell what doesn't belong, identify categories, and define camping themed items.  Our reinforcement activity involved rolling the dice and adding items to our campsite.

We also answered WH questions following detailed sentences and used this WH cue card to aid in recall and question/answer match.

We used Magnetalk Match Up Adventures from Super Duper to work on giving and following directions, as well as specific vocabulary.  I was amazed at how many kids did not know the label for sleeping bag.

Swatting some of those pesky bugs proved great practice for our articulation skills thanks to this FREEBIE from Let's Talk Speech Language Pathology {link in this post}  The students had to say and swat each bug 3 times.  I totally dig the students that sort their bugs by pattern!  Makes me smile in their organization.
 To end the week, we did some Outside Speech, thanks to the Peachie Speechie.  Finally nice weather to get outside and write and draw our speech sounds.

Here's to more camping themed activities, including the TLC Shop's Camp In Speech and Language ADD-ONS for next week!

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