Everyone needs a little incentive!

Summer break!  Y.E.S.  I really can't believe it is finally here.  So, as I finish up a family vacation to visit some relatives and enjoy some of the sights of our Nation's Capital, I'm thinking how I will survive enjoy the summer with my children at home.  I saw this quote on IG from @masonandmaxsmom {she's super cool, by the way}.

Teachers are solar powered.  They recharge during the summer!

Love it!  And so true!  But, I need to remind myself that just as a I must stay organized and prepared for the school year, I must also do so in the summer, with my 3 lovingly,  spirited children at home.  Believe me, I make my share of mistakes, including over planning as well as under planning.  Although it's not perfect, I try to include a combination of days that include both.  With that, I have always used some sort of incentive system.  Many times it just got too complicated and I couldn't keep up with it.  Last year, I gave out points for the expectations I had for my children.  Points turned into cash or allowance for doing things that are expected each day.  There are many right ways to plan for summer vacation and by all means I am no parenting expert.  These are just ideas I try in order to help keep everyone making healthy summer choices.  I've tweaked the system only a bit this year, by including Summer S-Cool Cash.  I'm thinking I will carry an accordian-stye coupon organizer in my purse so I will always be ready for positive behavior!

Here's what I expect kids to accomplish each day:

Smart Work {fancy words for learning} Choices:  This year I'm going with a STEM {Science Technology Engineering & Mathematics} theme along with Reading and Arts {STREAM}

Fun Work:  {If it's up to them, the i-devices would be out all day, so although I have included this time as free choice time, I'm expecting play to be with friends and using imaginations too.}

Healthy Choices:  This includes healthy eating {It's amazing that my kids will eat carrots everyday if I give them points/cash} and exercise {in 30 minute intervals}.

Responsible Choices:  Chores {of course} and thinking of others to be good citizens!

It's likely that I will give Summer S-Cool Cash for each of these daily behaviors accomplished during the week.  I give myself a break from the system on weekends!  Cash can be traded for real allowance money {at an exchange rate}, for additional free choice time or for activities/outings.

I've uploaded this system and the Summer S-Cool Cash to my TpT store as a FREEBIE.  It's not editable, but it probably should be!

Since my at home cash system was already created, I decided to tweak it a bit for my speech room too! You can find Communication Cash in my TpT store as a FREEBIE as well.  I did not include the incentive system part, but don't be surprised if I do a bit later in the summer!

Here's to incentives!  Happy Summer!

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