I heart to organize speechy things! Linky

Yes, it's the end of the school year and I'm thinking of a linky party!  My timing is always wrong.  If you've been reading, you may have a hunch that I have a passion for obsession with organizing.  I will organize just about anything and then reorganize it about 10 more times.  Mostly I just move junk around.  Nonetheless, I totally LOVE it!

Today is the first Monday of the month {as well as the last Monday of school for me this year} and I am organizing and cleaning out my speech room, as so many school-based SLPs do each year before taking a much needed summer break.  Trying to decide what to save, purge, re-file, take home, and how to store the items according to building guidelines is enough to make some SLPs nutty.

Here is a list of some items I do each year.
PURGE {a lot}!
Clean out caseload files by purging and shredding items not needed.
Send caseload files to receiving school, as needed.
Pull old data sheets, lesson plans, evaluations for students that did not qualify, team meeting notes and file in workload history filing drawer.
Sort unused data sheets for current caseload, including IEP at a glance forms in a file for the next year, along with current caseload list.
Make a list of important websites, logins, passwords, etc. {the old memory gets cobwebs during the summer}.
Pull down all curtains and decor from bulletin boards and walls.
Clean/wipe down furniture.
Clear off desk and counters.
Check assessment protocols inventory and send request for more forms.
Send home summer practice packets.
Take home a lot of things I anticipate reviewing, organizing, or completing {and hope that I accomplish half of it}.
Remember to complete 4th quarter progress reports and billing before all the students leave for summer!

In order to keep the cray cray-ziness to a minimum, maybe we SLPs can help each other out.  Here are a few topics I'm thinking to include in my linky, say monthly on a Monday {to keep us all motivated to organize at the start of the week}.

I heart to organize the following speechy things:
Artic cards
Therapy Manuals
TpT materials
Workload deadlines
Ipad Apps
Digitally storing TpT products you are creating
Blog ideas

Should you have any other desires, just comment below and I'll be sure to include!  The first link-up is now open.  If you have a picture of your packed up speech room or any tips for efficiently creating this bliss, please do share by linking up or commenting below.


  1. Organization; hahahahahahahahahahaha! You sound like me! ;-)

    1. I can't say that I am good at it, but it sure does make me happy...or avoid things I have to do!


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