Milestones, what fun!

When I started this little blogging endeavor, I guess my expectations were appropriate.  I was taking a leap into the unknown and moving outside of my comfort zone.  It actually was easier than I thought thanks to so many super sweet bloggers, colleagues, and readers offering such encouragement.  So, when I jumped on the Teachers Pay Teachers and Instagram bandwagon, wow, was I elated at the response.  You should totally try it {this coming from someone who is voted the least likely to respond to peer pressure}!  Today, although I am still more hesitant to "follow" others for fear they may think I am creeping into their inner circle, I remind myself that followers are grand in the world of social media and it sure might lift someone up!  On a side note, I will say that I am a total "liker" and "commenter" now, with only slight reservations about how I may be perceived!

So, in honor of milestones I wasn't even aware existed, because of you, I am doing a little sale and giveaway!  Reaching 230 followers on Teachers Pay Teachers 1sparklleslp store and 430 followers @sparklleslp on Instagram, I am making some of my best selling products 50% off this week!  I am also doing some flash freebies of my newest products between 2:30 and 4:30 {EST} this week {follow me on IG so you won't miss it}!  Please leave feedback.  I'll be so happy to read it!

Followers rock!  Thanks for making me smile {giggle, jump up and down, and stare at the screen in amazement}!

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