The cure for insomnia...discussion forums!

Call it what you will, insomnia, anxiety, obsessional thinking, getting old, but my inability to sleep through the night especially during the summer has struck again.  During the school year, I run on very little sleep, crashing late and waking early, but I crash hard when I do.  I guess it's the summer where I try to catch up on all that missed sleep; however, it's 2am now and I've been up since 12:45am.  So, why not blog about it?  What's a girl to do at 2am besides see who may have posted on IG from the west coast?  Read discussion forums!  Don't knock it until you have tried it.  You would be amazed at what you might learn.

I first got hooked on from my dear friend and original Disney addict {I am often found jumping on her bandwagons}.  They market themselves as the "largest and friendliest Disney Community" and I totally agree.  At first I just stalked the forums, reading anything from trip recounts, how to plan parks, best dining options, and even couponing to Disney.  Ultimately I became a member {it's free} and began actively involving myself in the Disney Vacation Club (DVC) rent/trade discussions.  Did I mention I went to Disney five times last year and I don't live close!  Finding and trusting {after obsessional reading about scams} a contributor enough to rent their DVC points for trips allowed our family a year to remember.  Not to mention learning a lot from those couponing gurus!

Okay, so unless you are Disney fan like myself, I've got another new forum addiction up my sleeve and it's the Sellers Forum on Teacher Pay Teachers.  Whether you are a veteran seller or just thinking about selling {and you have signed up to be a seller}, these forums are definitely worth your time, even if only during periods of insomnia.  Right now I find myself stalking the technology posts.  I am trying to put myself out there a bit more and actually contribute a bit!

It's now 2:30am and there is no sign of getting back to sleep, so off to another forum!

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