Binders and Planners LINKY!

This binders and planners linky, hosted by Busy Bee Speech, totally had me smitten upon first glance.  I do LOVE organizing! It usually takes precedence over most other activities.  A form of procrastination.  Not to mention an obsession.  Now add binders and planners, I'm blushing!

You can find my SLP Planner here in this post and within my TpT store.  It includes a school year calendar with half of each calendar on one side and half on the other.  I find this type of calendar to work perfectly for me.  I do write big {and sloppy} and like to highlight a whole bunch!  I need space.  I also found that I would keep random sticky notes all over my calendar, so I added a notes section on the left side, which hopefully will alleviate my need to obsess over stickies.

I also decided to put my planner in a BINDER!  I have tried using a store bought calendar as well as binding my own, but I'm a little on the pack rat side when it comes to papers.  Yes, I said it.  They would all be shoved into the calendar randomly.  So, in order to accommodate for my hoarding, I use tabbed dividers that have pockets in them.  Not to mention I change my mind often, therefore, I'd be binding and unbinding to add additional pages.  Binder, although more cumbersome, makes sure I have everything I need and allows my indecisiveness to carry on.  Here is a shot of some of my dividers.

Behind the dividers for schedules, caseload, and workload, I will include my spreadsheets for organizing.  You can download these FREEBIES in a Google Docs file.  They are made in Microsoft Excel and are fully editable for your preference.  Each tab at the bottom of the file has a different form which I have used for weekly and daily schedules, caseload list, assessment log, screening log, and a kindergarten screening log.  

My lesson plan templates are for organizing my thematic materials.  These are freebies in my TpT store, and already in PowerPoint, with a few different amounts of rows, so you can add some cute borders or graphics to spruce them up.  These will be kept in my binder for each month.

Next is the actual lesson plan form I use within each of my group folders {numbered for each group that corresponds to a number next to their name(s) on my schedule}.  While I don't take data directly on this form, as I use a form for each student created by our IEP program, I do make comments, as necessary after each session.  I thought it needed a cute border from KPM Doodles, so I just updated and added it as a FREEBIE.

These Walmart clearance cuties were posted on my Instragram and house my baseline data forms and EBP.  I have collected quite an assortment of baseline data and checklists from Nicole Allison, Jenn Alcorn, The Speech Bubble, and The T.L.C. Shop, among others within my baseline binder.  This also has references for goals, curriculum checklists, and teacher common core checklists.  The EBP Binder contains Carissa Ten Hoeve's Evidenced-Based Practice Quick Reference.

That's how I am organizing with binders and planners!  Thanks so much Lauren for hosting this linky party!

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