It's Garage Sale time!

For me that is!  After looking in my attic {I'll spare you the pictures}, it was a must to join in our neighborhood annual garage sale.  So, perfect timing to link up with Jenna over at Speech Room News for her Thrifty Finds Linky!

When I was able to frequent garage sales often {before I had children that would want to buy everything turning the trip into a far from thrifty adventure}, I picked up this vintage beauty for my future speech room.

My mom just pulled it out of her attic and well I cleaned it up and my girls started playing with it {guess it is staying around for a while}.

I'm a purger and likely will throw away many potentially good therapy toys and games from my house.  I try to remember the quote, "You can't have everything where would you put it?" to help me rationalize my purging!  Since I have been working with mainly K-5 students since I started my career, I'm okay parting ways with my toddler toys, giving them to preschool therapists or friends when possible.  So, should you happen to be in the neighborhood, here are a couple of items that will be up for grabs at my sale {or for a preschool therapy room donation}.  This will likely ensure my return to preschool therapy once all my gems are gone.  Isn't that how it usually works?

Mr. Potato Head's friends, including little potato, corn, and carrot!  Perfect for following directions, identifying body parts, and even to emphasize good listening behaviors (what all our parts do when we are listening)!

Tea Party Time!  Following directions practice as well as social language and turn taking!

A collection of books, these were read often, but remarkably not chewed!

Snap 'n Style girls perfect for clothing vocabulary and pronoun practice.

Doctor kit!  Following directions, thematic vocabulary, and social story for going to the doctor could be a few uses in therapy!

Should you have this impulsive sense to purge and organize as I do, you may find some thrifty finds around your own home, like Ned Head's that I have confiscated for my therapy room!  I can't even show you a picture, as it's still there!

Happy thrifty finding!


  1. NOOOO!! Don't get rid of it! You will need it again; you know when the next influx of nonverbal, highly involved students transitions from PK to K? That's what I'm going through now. Fortunately I can cart my haul back down from the attic to school. Only problem is where do I stow it once at school?

    1. You are hysterical and so absolutely correct. Unfortunately I have this problem with clutter and I start to lose control and therefore for my sanity, I just have to let some things go. If I think too much (and usually do) then I will want to save everything, so it is best to just cut the strings quickly! Yes, and speech rooms are not exactly the most generous of spaces!


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