Sparklle EBP...a promise fulfilled and check out my new page!

Better late than never, I suppose!  You can read about my New Year's Resolution here.  Yes, I resolved to post about Evidenced-Based Practices.  But don't expect to find any other posts related to this topic until now.  Sure, I started each one in draft form, but never published any.  I needed to re-think how I was going to accomplish this resolution and then it came to me when I was giving my blog a bit of a switcheroo/update earlier this summer.  I moved around some of my gadgets and updated some pages.  And then this little light when off.  Maybe a PAGE {tabs across the top of my blog} with all the EBP would serve me better when searching for all the research.  Too bad it took me that long to figure it out.  This is a total work in progress as my binder was quite large {not to mention a bit dated} and new research pokes its head every moment.  I may add or delete, but will keep working to stay on top of relevant evidence that drives my practice.  It will be a total work in progress!


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    1. Thanks Annie! Struggled with this one for a bit. As long as I can remember it is work in progress, I can at least reference back to the page for a refresher or use it to see where I need more or new evidence!


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