Stickers in Speech

I purchased this pack of Melissa & Doug Stickers a while back thinking I could use these in speech therapy or even at home with my darlings.

Aside from using them for expressive and receptive vocabulary naming and describing, I lifted a couple ideas from others.  Luckily, I have been blessed with some amazingly talented, intelligent, and creative student teachers, one of which used sticky foamies to create a following direction baseline activity.  Foamies were placed in rows and each row allowed for concept and following direction practice.  I just loved it and had to re create!  Here is a peak at what I have so far.

I may create lists of directions for concepts in which I am working or I may just spontaneously create them during therapy on the fly.  When my student teacher brought her foamie boards into therapy last semester, I observed all the students totally wanting to have a turn with a challenging direction.  So, following directions as a target skill can also be used as a reinforcement activity within your group session!  BINGO!

The next idea comes from my super mom!  My youngest enjoys putting stickers everywhere {I may have some stuck to my leg right now} and so my mom turned it into a language building activity.  Sticker Story Telling!  This animal theme story even kept the attention of a 3 year old.

I can't wait to use this in my therapy room with my Story Grammar Marker by MindWing Concepts, Inc.  Narrative skills here we come!

So, go out and grab some stickers and have fun with a little language development!

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