LOLOL in the Speech Room {and a freebie}

I started using jokes in my therapy last year thanks to a great idea from a colleague.  The original use was for social communication, specifically for initiation of conversations.  While jokes remain a great therapy addition for this target, I also found jokes could address other target skills.

To address articulation in reading, have students highlight target speech sounds within jokes followed by reading.  For carryover of articulation, students can take turns asking/telling and answering jokes, self-monitoring their speech sound productions.  Humor and sarcasm, another area of social communication, can also be targeted.  And of course, have you ever really analyzed jokes for their multiple meanings?  Explicit teaching of the multiple meaning words within the jokes is a great vocabulary building exercise.

Should you see the benefit of using jokes in speech therapy, here are a few to get you started.  Check out my Back to School Jokes Freebie.

Here's to a little laughing out loud in the speech room!

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