Planning lessons are you?

My friend Annie, @anniedoyle226 on IG, and with her new blog, Doyle Speech Works, is by far the most loyal follower for many SLP bloggers.  She just completed her 30th year working in the schools.  Hello, we can all learn a lot from her, but she continues to convince us that she is learning from all of us.  Amazing!  So, with that, I present to you my Speech and Language Lesson Plan Templates!  These fully editable free templates were designed to make lesson planning a bit less daunting.  Annie wanted tips on how I planned on using these, as lesson planning takes her hours!

I dabbled with both portrait and landscape templates, deciding that landscape suited me better, as I needed more columns for each target area.  I started with a 4 row plan, with the intention of one lesson per week.  However, I quickly realized that I could not stretch my lesson for twice weekly sessions.  Since I know no two SLPs are alike, I kept the 4 row plan as well as a 5 row plan anyway.

The 8 rows seemed to be a better fit for me.  Using a monthly plan, targeting twice weekly sessions, I intend to include materials for each target area surrounding my chosen theme.  Below was my start for August/September, which includes the use of my Back to Speech {creating folders, communication contracts, I cans, and parent letters} and Communication Cash {positive behavior support freebie} materials for our first 2 sessions, along with some baseline charting.  Then, using many of the freebie materials from last year's speech blog hop, I have started listing target materials for most skill areas for my next week of sessions.

In case you are the super planner and can tackle the entire quarter {or if there is an extra session during the month}, I also included a 9 row plan.

In a perfectly organized, efficient speech world, this spreadsheet would be all I need to lesson plan.  And that's totally not my reality!  Therefore, I will stick with what works for me, which includes an individual lesson plan in each group folder, which you find here for free.  Once completed from a search through my materials, the spreadsheet of monthly materials will be used to pull plans for each group.  It's my middleman and unfortunately, I can't go without the middleman!

So, if you find yourself planning lessons for hours, try to save yourself some time and give this system a try!  Let me know how it works for you and if you have any suggestions!


  1. Sparklle, you are the best (and pretty organized, too)!! I am certain your suggestions will help me streamline my planning.


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