Positive Behavior Support in the Speech Room

At the beginning of the summer, I bribed supported the positive behavior of my children at home with Summer S-cool Cash!  At that time, I decided to implement a similar system within my speech room.  Although I have always used a sticker chart, along with another small positive behavior support system {like the Bucket Filling Speech Room}, this year I am attempting to simplify my speech life.

Grab your Communication Cash freebie!

My students will be earning cash for just about anything.

Come to speech on time.  Bring your folder.  Do you homework.  Reach 100 articulation practices.  Wait your turn.  Give a compliment.  Use a strategy.  Lend a helping hand.  Be a mover and a shaker not a whiner and complainer!

Now, the challenge of rewarding them.  I've been tired of my prize box and sweet treat box for quite some time now.  I only fill the prize box with school supplies and well, apparently that is not all that motivating.  Enter creative and generous SLPs.

Reward Coupons for SLPs {Freebie}

Speech Language Therapy-No Cost Classroom Rewards

Now it's time to start printing, laminating, cutting, and adding some prices!  Here is a picture of my reward central all ready for school to start!

I printed, laminated, and cut Natalie Synder's rewards.  Then I added a magnet to the back of each.  I added Communication Cash "My Cash" labels {I added some color to mine} to the front of library pockets.  I laminated for durability and placed a magnet on the back.  Just remember to slice the pocket part open once laminated!  They will be ready for cash!  Since I only had 50 library pockets on hand and need more, I ordered these from Amazon.  They came in just a couple days!  Now I am ready to make up some more.

How are you using positive behavior support in your speech room?


  1. I'm revamping my system and your ideas, as usual, are fantastic! I'll send you a picture when it's all finished :-)

    1. You always seem to know how to make someone's day! I can't wait to see your system. I'm loving mine so far. Just hoping I can keep up with it!

  2. How much do the rewards cost? When do you allow the students to spend their cash?

  3. How much is each reward? When do you allow your students to spend their cash?

    1. Thanks for the questions Molly. We have since gone to a school-wide cash system, so things are a bit different as I write today. When I was using rewards only in my speech room, I would make the rewards either $5-10. It depends on how often you are delivering your incentive, the cash:) My students could spend their cash at the end of any session in which they had enough. Some spent every time they had the amount and others hoarded their cash! Good luck with your system!


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