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During the Teachers Pay Teachers Back to School Boost Sale, let's help and encourage teacher sellers to increase sales and improve products because that is a WIN, WIN for students!  Have you started making products yet for TpT?  If not, I want you to consider the benefits.

Create, learn, explore, network, reward, accomplish, grow, connect, and discover!  Among many other benefits!

My goal is simple.  Create materials for use in my classroom, targeting individual goals surrounding thematic instruction {and totally have fun doing so}.  In becoming a seller on TpT, I have been able to use my earnings to put back into my speech room, mostly supporting other TpT sellers as well as the economy overall through school related purchases.  That is just icing on the cake!

You can find my store and many others on sale.  Just remember to use the code BOOST at checkout for an additional savings.

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Here is what I have added to my store since the last sale.

Prince and Princess Pronouns

September is Back to Speech

The Making of Meaningful Relationships is a product to be used for interpreting sentences that include comparative, spatial, temporal, sequential, and passive relationships.  I am so excited to have finally finished this one.  I am so grateful to a truly admirable colleague for asking me to create this product.  She was right on as so many students have difficulty understanding relationships among words and meanings.  Through creating this product, I gathered some evidence from the CELF-5 Examiner's Manual (Wiig, Semel, Secord) as well as No Glamour Memory by Linguisystems.  I am not affiliated with these products, but use them within my therapy room.

I can't wait to use this product.  I plan to place each of the 44 target relationship cards into sleeve protectors {full sheets of cards} and place all on a metal ring.  I will laminate the cue cards and manipulatives, which are individualized for each type of relationship for use in direct therapy for explicit instruction.  For the spatial relationships, I will have a couple of copies of the visualization cue card to be placed in ticket holders for students to draw to aid recall.  I will do the same for the additional passive sentences worksheet included.  Here is the preview of this product!  It will be on sale on August 20, 2014!

A special thank you also goes out to IG friend @shines3012 for offering a review and great feedback to help make this product more effective!

Hope you fill up your cart at the TpT sale!

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