Hearing Screening! {and a FREEBIE}

In our district, the lovely speech department is responsible for organizing building hearing screenings.  Lucky for us this year we have nursing students and graduate speech students that volunteer to screen the students which saves time running to all the buildings in our large district to be the screeners.

This year, I needed some new signs for my new building, so here they are!  Should you need signs for your hearing screening, you can grab this FREEBIE in my TPT store.  I just copied each onto colored cardstock and laminated for future uses.

With approximately 680 kids screened in my building, this organizing job is checked off the list for another year!  How does your district conduct hearing screenings?


  1. Fortunately, our school nurse does the screenings! She is great though ,and always comes to me with questionable results!

    1. We have always thought that most nurses run hearing screenings in other districts. It is quite a big job that's for sure! It is definitely a much needed service for our children!


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