I heart to organize speechy things! {Linky}

At the end of the school year, I was purging for the big move to a new school and realized there are a lot of things I love and need to organize as a speech language pathologist, so I started this linky.  The goal was to share ways in which I organize and see if others would also be willing to share their organizational tips.  Who doesn't need tips for organizing!?  While some systems work for me, they don't work for everyone.  If you are anything like me, changing it up often or tweaking something existing keeps me on top of the chaos!

Today, I am bringing back the I heart to organize speechy things linky to share my speech room!  Go ahead, leave some comments below or grab this picture and link up if you have a blog and share your little slice of heaven speech room.

Here is a peak at my work area which will be chronically messy!  I use the rainbow bin on wheels and the plastic drawers on top to house my go to resources like articulation word lists by sound and visual language aids, as well as many other must haves!

I am lucky to have all these fabulous materials to use!  The left cabinet needs a good sorting, but houses lots of articulation and language card decks and tins!  The middle cabinet has manuals organized by speech or language area.  The area on the right is home to standardized tests as well as games.

I am super excited about finally purchasing a clear shoe organizer!  Now my articulation cans from Mia McDaniel have a fabulous home.  I even have room for my DIY shakers that are in the process of being completed.  You can find my Shake and Find Articulation freebie here.  I have also used soap dishes to house articulation cards, but this year I am putting cut up articulation pictures inside, ready for craftivities!

Here is a picture of my door and part of my bulletin board which will remind me daily of some very important things, like being a mover and a shaker not a whiner and complainer!  Thanks to Jenna for the In Our Speech Room poster and @schoolhousetalk for her speech banner idea.  I picked up this bunting at the dollar store!

Okay, so if you haven't yet created a caddy for your supplies, I tell you go start eating soup or vegetables on the double!  Wrap those cans in some duct tape and hot glue them together, while adding some small binder clips for more reinforcement.  My friends, you will thank me!  I originally saw this shown on its side, but standing upright in the middle of my table leaves me grinning from ear to ear at its function and fashion!  The picture doesn't even do it justice.

Week one is in the books and this happy organizer is ready for a great year!  What have you been organizing in your speech room?  I'd love to hear!


  1. LOVE the rainbow bin! I really could've used one last year, but since I moved back to my previous school, I have an enormous amount of storage!

    1. Thanks, I scored it at a cheap price, so it was worth it in my old room, that was large, but lacked storage. This new room is smaller, but I'm lucky with a lot of storage too! The little things that make us smile!


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