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If you have been reading this little blog for a bit or happened to check out the page about Sparklle Style you might know that the name Sparklle, SPeaking About Remarkable Kids Learning Language Everyday was developed largely in part by my colleague 2spark during our time spent together piloting a preschool phonological itinerant program.  Not only did she have her hand in the logo, she also sang this theme song to the tune of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" into her answering machine as we were prepping for our pilot program years ago.

Sparklle sparklle little star
Sparklle group is where we are
Speaking with our words and sounds
Friends and fun all around
Sparklle Sparklle Little Star
We're so proud of who we are!

Genius, I know.  I'm pretty sure I recall I was absolutely no help, likely shuffling papers trying to organize all the lesson plans and materials, while 2spark was busy creating away.  I absolutely know I was rolling my eyes thinking I was not going to be singing in front of preschoolers and parents.  She also wanted us to do crafts and eat snack weekly with 3 and 4 year olds during our 75 minute sessions.  Looking back {and yes we accomplished all of her ideas}, I know I was thinking she was completely CRAZY!  That is exactly why we worked so well together, our passion was the same with visions on different ends of the spectrum.

What does all this have to do with my Sparklle Room Newsletter post?  Before working with 2spark in our preschool Sparklle program and prior to starting this blog, I don't know how often I might have made a mess in my speech room, sang in front of students,  admitted my lesson or idea was worthless, or let go of every little detail to just enjoy the moment!  And although this next endeavor is something I have wanted to do for most of my career, but somehow never let myself fulfill, I'm going forward full throttle now.

Here's to my Sparklle Room Newsletter that I hope to publish monthly to share with parents and teachers.  Will I always have something profound to say?  Likely not.  Will others always agree with my therapy approaches or lessons?  Magic 8 ball says, very doubtful.    Will this newsletter open myself up to criticism and additional parental concerns/questions?  Without a doubt!  Will this newsletter enhance communication?  Most definitely.  I'm a speech language pathologist.  I help people communicate.

Here is my newsletter in progress.  I can honestly say I am nervous once again to put myself out there and beyond excited to share this newsletter with parents {and maybe teachers too, yikes}!

Do you send a newsletter to parents?  I'd love to know what you include and the frequency.


  1. This is awesome! I did a newsletter for 15 years (called the Voice Box, yeah cheesy title). In the early years I used a typewriter and paper clip art; literally cut and paste. I stopped a few years ago, feeling jaded and thinking no one cared nor were they reading it. As usual, you have inspired me. I had been thinking about re-issuing some of my old newsletters, now maybe I will. Thanks, darlin'

    1. Oh the days of paper clip art! I just finally tossed my Carson Dellossa books this year. A good memory! I planning to send mine out tomorrow, so keeping my fingers crossed!


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