Rah, rah, rah! Cheers to Good Speech!

Cheerleaders hold a special place in my heart!  I am proud to say I was a football loving, crowd pepping, toe-touching cheerleader!  Not to mention I had the privilege of coaching many dedicated and spirited athletes over a span of 10 years as a high school cheer coach.  I LOVED every minute!  So here's to all those cheerleaders out there!

Cheers for Good Speech:  Open Ended Articulation Freebie!

Here we go speechies, here we go!  {insert two clasps}

Let's go SPEECH! {Repeat 3 times...or until the crowd catches on}

I will try to resist the urge to bring these chants into my speech room this week, but we will be talking football with my newest book companion and It's Football Time from Jenn Alcorn, so one never knows!

Check out what other SLPs are doing in therapy over at Old School Speech.  I am also a sucker for linky parties!

May your week be filled with speech spirit!

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  1. I was/am a band geek, so I was cheering along with you! Thanks for linking up!


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