Last Minute Thanksgiving Planning!

About this time last year I was introduced to  If you have never visited this site, please don't waste any time hopping on over.  While I only dabble in remembering to use if for therapy, I used it a great deal this summer with my own son.  I asked that he read a passage each week and answer the comprehension questions.  He could choose his own topics and select the appropriate reading level.  Doesn't that sound like a gem of a site?  Did I mention it's free!  Just register and you are set to go!

Thanks to a very giving and intelligent colleague, this link was shared with me, so I am sharing it with all of you!

K-12th Grade Thanksgiving Reading Passages

Not only do I love the passages and questions to work on listening comprehension and recall strategies, I love the extra links {see the tabs once you get on the site} for vocabulary, targeting Tier 2 words.  These vocabulary pages are perfect for a thorough discussion of targeted vocabulary.

My week will not be complete without a little discussion about Thanksgiving traditions.  While I have quite of few freebies from which to choose, I am loving this new addition, Thanksgiving Table Topics and Conversation Starters by Activity Tailor.  We will definitely be discussing these topics and maybe even conducting some interviews outside of the therapy room.  Thank you Activity Tailor!

Happy last minute Thanksgiving therapy planning!

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