Week in Review and a Friday Freebie!

Okay, so I'm a day late and I'm squeezing 2 posts into one.  Multitasking at its finest!

First, I'm thinking up with Old School Speech's Week in Review

My speech room was filled with a bit of gobbling this week.  My kindergarten friends made turkeys from some old Oriental Trading stickers I found in my Thanksgiving decorations bins.  This group of mixed speech and language practiced /k, g/ sounds in "turkey," "gobble," and "beak," used pronouns "he" and "his," and followed 1 and 2 step directions.  Simple success!

Open ended reinforcement continues to be my go to activity with mixed groups.  I used Gobble, Gobble from my November Thanks for Speech and Language product.

I also found this roll and cover turkey freebie as well as this oldie but goodie from Speaking of Speech.  Paired with some skill and drill therapy I spent most of the day picking up chips from my floor!  All in a school speechie's day!

I even tried out Save The Thanksgiving Turkey app.  This is perfect for my older students, as it combines logic and persistence.  A quick 2-3 minute reinforcement after target skill practice keeps them combing back for more.  I'm thankful for Annie of Doyle Speech Works for always commenting on every blog post and Instagram post.  She always adds even more ideas, hence my new app.  She is truly a wealth of knowledge!

Today I'm also linking up with Speechie Freebies for a special ASHA addition of Friday FreeBEES.

I had intended to make a complete book companion for Turkey Trouble by Wendi Silvano, however, since that did not get crossed off my to do list, I crafted up a freebie to use {for now} instead!  I hope it helps you to get through until turkey day!

Happy Friday {or Saturday}!


  1. LOVE the turkey the kids made with the stickers!
    Isn't it nice to get comments? :)
    Thanks for linking up! (Nice multi-tasking skills!)

  2. I do love comments! Thanks for always hosting. Yes, sometimes its the little activities that bring a lot of language. Stickers can do that!

  3. Sparklle, you humble me! I am definitely going "Old School Speech" (with a nod to Mary) this week. I have stuffing on the brain (and mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie, and turnips, and...) <3


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