In search of...take 2! Groundhog Day Therapy

Whether or not that little old groundhog sees his shadow today, I am in for a long hibernation swamped under paperwork from now until spring and beyond.  So, as I search for the bottom of my stack over the next couple of months, I only hope to post somewhat regularly here at my little blog.  Today, I'm reposting for reason #1 above and to provide my plans for my newest student intern.  You see, I've been raising my hand high for several years each time our district is asked to take on a student intern.  I've had almost enough interns to count on both hands over the past 9 years.  While some have spent 4-5 days a week with me {OMG, my husband and close friends wouldn't wish that on anyone}, the most recent have graced me with their presence for 2-3 days as they completed part of their school placement.  I continue to learn so very much both personally and professionally from each and every one of these fine young SLPs to be!  So, here's the down and dirty plans for the week, as my newest intern begins to take on a couple of eager groups!

Take 2 of this post, which started here last year as I gathered materials for Groundhog Day {it lasts for 3 days in my speech room in order to reach all 80 kiddos}.  Go ahead and click to take a look at the freebies I prepped then and pulled out again this year.

Don't forget to download my open ended articulation freebie.

Happy searching friends!

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  1. Good luck! The end is in sight, the days are getting longer!


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