Jokes for speech therapy {and a freebie}!

Do you use jokes in your speech room?  So many of our students have difficulty understanding and using jokes.  They often miss the underlying meaning of jokes due to the presence of multiple meanings.  Believe me, I lack the ability to understand jokes most often too; however, I do see the value in using jokes and explicitly teaching the meaning.  Try just examining jokes for multiple meaning words and see how your students may even try making up their own.

Who doesn't remember trying to tell your own knock-knock jokes as a kid?  I love it when my own kids try it out.  Playing with language is fun!  With April Fools' Day quickly approaching, here is a way to bring jokes into your speech room too!

I gave my April Foolish Freebie a fun cover facelift and switched around some fonts.  Go grab it in my TPT store.
It still contains 31 jokes, 15 relating to an Easter theme, 10 April Fools' Day themed, and 6 spring themed.  You can use these jokes for targeting speech sounds in reading and conversation, for social language (conversational exchange and humor), or vocabulary (multiple meaning and play on words).  I use these jokes for 2nd-5th graders.  Although you can cut them up and laminate to use as cards, I just place them in sheet protectors and give each student a page to read.  If I want to focus on articulation carryover, I will copy the page and highlight target sounds for the student to read {and take home for practice}.

Hope you have some fun in your speech room!

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