"S...Peachy" Feedback Linky Party

"S..Peachy" Feedback, hosted by Nicole Allison of Allison's Speech Peeps is up again after a brief break in the action!

Nicole hosts this linky where TPT sellers reward customers who leave "insightful, helpful and encouraging feedback" on products bought from their TPT stores.  Each winner receives a product of their choice FREE from the store they left feedback.

Just coming off of the Teachers {and SLPs} are Superheroes TPT sale, I am grateful for those that made purchases from my store, as I, in turn, made purchases for my speech room using the funds I received.  A win, win!  

I greatly appreciate your feedback.  I am able to read each and every comment left.  While I am very slow in catching up the responding {which is absolutely not acceptable on my end} I want you to know I take into consideration each suggestion that is left.  You are much appreciated!

Without further delay, my February winners {I am so not good at decisions}!

Stephanie K. comments:

This was perfect for my shortened school week due to snow! My students loved this. Topic Talk was a huge hit!

Larrisa N. comments:

Every student I used these activities with were totally engaged and didn't want to stop working. It's amazing what a little bit of Elsa and Olaf will do to motivate kids to work on their goals! :)

Both feedback messages were in response to my Frozen Winter Themed Speech and Language Activities packet.  

This is nearly my best seller and I am so grateful that engaged students and activity hits were among the feedback I received.  Larrisa N. and Stephanie K., please e-mail me at 1sparklleslp@gmail.com for a product of your choice from my store!  I'm also putting this product on sale this week for all you snowed in SLPs across the country!  Apparently March is a perfect time to talk about Frozen activities!

Make sure to check out the other link ups to see if you are a winner!

This product is no longer available in my TPT store.

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