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It's Friday night and I'm exhausted!  Luckily I had my favorite kindergartener helping me this evening in my speech room.  We worked for over 5 hours, at which time I knew we needed to head on home as my sweet little girl was turning into chatty Cathy.  One moment she's with you and then all of sudden she is babbling nonsense.  And it doesn't stop.  It's like 6 year old delirium at which point I know I have got to get moving quickly!  So, that we did, and here I am finished with lesson plans and trying to enter a post.

I'm linking up with Old School Speech's Week in Review to share what went on in my speech room this week.

I only had 9 IEPs to have ready for this week and 3 evaluations, but who is counting?  That would be me, because right now that workload is crossed off my list!  Between the meetings, I was able to see all my caseload students, but with every waking moment spent on writing, I was left to once again resort to No Frills Therapy.  No Frills is not synonymous with no therapy, it's just quick and targeted skill and drill with addition of a reinforcement activity.

My chosen reinforcement activities were those tried and true, already prepped gems stashed in my files.  Dr. Seuss was buzzing around the school, so a reinforcement activity, Cat in the Hat Says {author unknown}, and a roll and color the cat's stripes worksheet that I'm pretty sure I found in my old speech room when I started my career came out for some fun!  

Then, I knew I needed an open ended articulation worksheet, so I created this Super-Speech-Hacker worksheet, using freebie clip art from one of my favorites, Krista Wallden.  Here my quick drill articulation students used articulation cards while choosing a Cat in the Hat to determine how many productions they needed, while I took data and wrote the target words on the home practice page.  Joy!

With another group, working on carryover, using those articulation carryover cards pictured above, we focused on self-monitoring of our target sounds.  You can find this freebie in my TPT store if you think it may be useful for your students.

You cannot go wrong with a Double Dice tin from Speech Corner.  I have been hoarding quite a collection.  Here, we were using our EET small student strands to match up with numbers on the card to beads/colors on our EET.  The students asked to "play this game" again.

I stretched these What's Wacky cards for kindergarten and 1st grade groups.  We worked on "unexpected" behaviors, why questions, and simple sentence structure.  One of my kindergarten students that arrived in August with very little language was stringing together 5-7 word grammatically correct sentences!  "He is wearing boots in the bathtub."  She is a prepositional phrase whiz!  With present progressive under her belt, there is no stopping her!  Vocabulary labeling is still something we are working on, but for now I'm fine giving her the words to expand her utterances!

Another student was avoiding the use of "is" within her sentences, but again had the subject, the -ing on her verb, and the object.  I quickly gave her this visual with one model and she was off to great sentences.  "The boy is drinking the fish."

I guess I neglected to take any pictures of my 3rd-5th grade groups.  Inferencing, idioms, mad libs, synonyms, and quick articulation drill summed up the week.

Well, it's now Saturday and I'm thinking it's a good time to turn in for the night!  Hope you all had a productive week!


  1. "Only" 9 IEPS & 3 evals? Giiiirl, you need a break! Hope you do something fun this weekend and get away from "speech stuff"!
    "No frills" therapy: LOVE this term!
    I have the double dice, but only have the idioms and inferencing cards; the idioms seem to be a bit difficult, even for my 5th grader. I need to get creative juices flowing and figure out some other way to use the dice; I know my younger kids would love it!
    Your opening paragraph made me smile! What a trooper to hang in there as long as she did!
    Thanks for linking up!

    1. Love double dice! I have the defining, categorizing, verbs, and many more. USe them a lot with my 1st-2nd graders. I really am a hoarder! Within my mixed groups (who I am joking they are all mixed), I will have the kids just roll and then either say their target that number of times and/or just use the point chips as reinforcement corresponding to the number rolled. I should make generic cards with the shapes so they feel like they actually are part of the whole activity!
      As for a break, you know, we all need one in this job!

  2. Lady, I don't know how you do it! I am reminded that my teacher friend and I referred to our children as the PES orphans because they were with us at school so much. Nora used to help me, but Mackie just played :) Take care of yourself, Sparklle! I am starting to worry about you! That load is just too heavy! Do you want me to come out and get NJ on administration:)

    1. You are such a good friend! The joy I have this year is seeing my own kids at school with me! I know how hard their teachers work too, so I keep on doing for the students I see! I do know the load is too large and hoping with the new laws we may see some relief. We'll keep working, advocating, and enjoying what we do have. That's all we can do!!


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