Week in Review

What a difference a week makes!  I am feeling energized as I write this post to share my week in review and a preview of the beginning of this new week!

I'm linking up with Old School Speech's Week in Review to share some happenings in my speech room.

While I did have a couple of IEP meetings to attend, the week was relatively calm!  St. Patrick's day theming was in the air.  My K-1 kids spent time with Lucille Colandro's old lady again.  We used worksheets from my print & go speech and language book companion.

We were describing those items that were swallowed by the old lady using our Eetchy and a little color coding right on the visual.  I really focus on category, function, and attribute, but I'll take any descriptive feature offered!

The old lady swallowed the items in order and then in true story fashion expelled the items from her belly!  Although my picture does not do the container justice, it is a large clear pretzel container.  As the items are put into her mouth, you can see each one through the plastic.  My students got a kick out of seeing the items in her belly (and of course shaking them out).  Then each student was able to sequence their own pictures to retell the story.

I have quite a few 1st graders working on /k, g/ sounds in tricky combinations.  The "clover" and "leprechaun" were perfect targets when reading this story.

Following temporal directions are always tricky!  We tried not to allow the leprechaun to trick us and we added some gold coins to make it more fun.  While I did not read the story with my older students, temporal directions were used from this pack.

My grade 2-3 students talked about lucky and unlucky days while reading Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day by Judith Viorst.  I used a book companion from For His Glory which gave me materials for working on story comprehension questions and synonyms.  My social skills students wrote the included advice column for Alexander while referring to their 0-5 scale (based on the Incredible 5-Point scale) and calming strategies.  One of my students quoted a line from the movie, saying, "You gotta have the bad days so you can love the good days even more!"  Well said my friend!  We agreed that Alexander had a lot of little problems that day.

While we didn't take the Peachie Speechie's Shamrock Challenge, we did have fun with this freebie Shamrock Articulation by Kristine Lamb.  The students wrote down words on my Lucky Day Speech open-ended articulation freebie.

A break in the routine came on Thursday when we welcomed about 70 new kindergarteners on their registration day!  Luckily I had two graduate students with me to visit with the class of 2028.  I guess I neglected to take any pictures of this day.  While there is no set screening measure we use (although I'm brainstorming ideas), gaining a little insight into receptive picture vocabulary skills, a dabbling with responding to 'wh' questions, and a sentence repetition task for articulation and grammar rounds out the 5 minutes we spend with each pre-kindergarten student.  Within that short time, believe it or not, the screening actually aids in finding those students that are generally typical in their speech and language development making screenings in the fall that much easier.  Some parent questions are answered and a few tips are shared, but otherwise it's a day for those little gems to catch a glimpse of their new school!

My St. Patrick's day activities will continue this week for Monday and Tuesday.  If you are a fan of Instagram and follow me @sparklleslp you might have caught a glimpse of a few freebie gems I have ready for this week.  Make sure to check out the Teachers Pay Teachers stores for Carly Fowler Happily SLP, Speech is Sweet, The Pedi Speechie, SpeechSnacks, and Teach Speech 365 to download your own St. Patrick's Day therapy activities!  Don't forget Rachel Lynette's St. Patrick's Day Would You Rather.  This activity is great for articulation, fluency, and language!

Hope your week is filled with lots of luck!


  1. I love reading about what you do in therapy! You are amazing!!

    1. Thanks Annie! I love posting these recaps. In a weird way, it does validate what we do!


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