Getting to Know Your Favorite Online SLPs! {A linky party!}

Thanks to Natalie Snyders, you can sneak into the lives of several SLPs by heading over to her linky party.
While I'm a little uncomfortable thinking of myself as one of your favorite online SLPs, you need to know that the network of online SLPs is invaluable.  I'm privileged with the luxury of working with a large district SLP staff, able to collaborate often {usually through late night text message sessions, LOL}.  Having SLPs across the country to share successes and failures and be uplifted with new ideas is exactly what I did not expect when I started blogging almost 2 years ago.  This benefit far exceeds the goals I intended to receive.

So, although I remain mostly anonymous, today I'm sharing about myself!

Who am I?I am Sparklle SLP!  I am mother of three healthy, intelligent, active children, currently 10, 6, and 4!  While I like symmetry, bringing an odd number of children into my life has been the greatest joy I could ever experience.  While I continue to make mistakes everyday with these three, the knowledge I have gained from them is worth every challenge they offer to this control obsessive personality I possess.  I am a school-based speech language pathologist working currently with 80 kindergarten through 5th grade students weekly.  Right now I'm tired, not from the caseload, but from the workload {paperwork and time spent in duties without direct contact with the students}.  Self-talk, Pepsi, exercise, {lots of family support} and a mind that continuously races keep me charging ahead.

This is me...
Courtesy of thehartmannsparkle on IG
I also love to organize.  I certainly do not possess the ability to creatively organize as a professional, rather I continue to shuffle collections into various configurations just to fill my need to "organize!"  In the summer, you can find me on the beach.  While I like to think I own a beach house, we do frequent a single wide trailer on Lake Erie most of the summer.  I am a camping wanna be, but I'm not sure I could handle bugs and outhouses.  Therefore, I am ever so grateful that my husband is a bit more of a risk taker than I, as that trailer has provided for more memories than any expense could outweigh.

Finally, I remind myself that I, indeed, work for Walt Disney World vacations.  I love to plan them and experience the chaos that comes with entering a theme park with three children as often as I can.  I'm addicted!  If I could take a vacation there multiple times every year for the rest of my life and go no where else, I would.  Not well traveled here, unless it's to Disney World!

What do I offer?
You will find me most active on Instragram, posting a variety of pictures that define who I am.  While I started a Facebook page, I have only dabbled in using this social media correctly.  My Pinterest page is reserved for bursts of interest; however, this was my first attempt at social media when I finally stopped fighting the trend.  In my Teachers Pay Teachers Sparklle SLP store, you will find a random collection of therapy materials that fit my rapidly changing obsessions.  I started as an avid scrapbooker, with an eye for a quick, symmetrical layout.  I moved into digital scrapbooking and loved the creativity that came along.  After teaching myself how to use PowerPoint to create materials, I haven't looked back.  While I haven't found my niche and I create what I desire for use with my students, I am grateful for any purchases, downloads of freebies, and suggestions I receive!  I'm not motivated by the sales {but I do put much of that money I receive back into my therapy room} and don't see myself as a big seller someday, just hoping to keep receiving enjoyment out of making products.

My dream job?
While I do thoroughly enjoy being a speech language pathologist in the schools, my dream jobs are as follows:

WDW vacation planner!  Really, any sort of planner.  I love to plan events.  I carried around a clipboard on my wedding day!

Librarian!  This is not because I love to read, as really I am not a strong reader at all.  What I do love is reading to kids, not to mention organizing the library!

Stay at home/homeschool mom!  I can plan, develop materials, organize nooks, read to kids, and slow down while enjoying the three blessings that all too soon will be moving away.

3 of My Favorite Things?
I pretty much summed it up above, but to recap some of my favorite things:

Being a mom, organizing and planning, the beach, WDW, Pepsi {and Doritos}, and creating materials.

Who else should you know?
I cannot just choose one!  There are so many amazing SLPs online.  Check out the original post for so many more!

Here are some lovelies that have touched my heart!  There are so MANY more!

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  1. Oh my, Sparklle, I think I need your organizing expertise. I am a walking disaster. On any given day, I can be found searching for the paper I JUST HAD IN MY HAND!

    1. Oh Annie, I pretend to be organized, it's really a dream, wish, hope. I'm more of a shuffler and then I get overwhelmed and try to re-organize or purge. It's a vicious cycle.

  2. Thank you for your shout out and your friendship!!

  3. Disney, Pepsi and Doritos. Are you my long lost sister?!

    1. LOL, quite possibly! Love this comment. Thanks for taking the time!

  4. Thanks for the mention! You would be a wonderful WDW planner - I think I could be a restaurant hostess there. All the perks, inside AC...

    1. Oh yes, AC is a must. I'll do reservations inside a resort!


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