Speech Trading Post {and a giveaway}!

Welcome to the Speech Trading Post, hosted by Kim and Angela of Sounds Like Fun!  This is the first installment, with hopefully more to come.  Several SLP bloggers and TPT store owners joined the Speech Trading Post.  We were paired up, each sharing a product with the other seller.  After using our chosen product in therapy, we were to write up a review and host a giveaway!  How cool is that?!

One search in the Sounds Like Fun Store and my fast fingers sent a request for Bugs & Slugs Speech and Language Therapy Pack!

The next step was easy.  Get buggy in the speech room!  Luckily this did not involve saving any real bugs as my children made me do last week.  I won't go into details, I'll just say when a bug crawls into my house, I'm not okay with it.  Luckily this multiple legged creature was spared as my children cheered me on!

Back to the trading post.  Kim and Angela created a comprehensive packet surrounding a buggy theme!

For starters, the short non-fiction story, which could be used as a no-print activity on my iPad was the perfect way to introduce bugs into my speech room {again without the added creatures themselves}. The pack also included a printable flip book for the students to illustrate their own story for recalling facts.  I paired this story with my EET Eetchy as we worked on defining and describing skills.  I even learned a few facts that may have been stored in a cobwebbed area within my brain.  I also used the comprehension questions from the pack to work on recall after our discussion session.

Our kindergarten students made their own buggy creations.  The model was a caterpillar {pretty sure I learned this craftivity from Crazy Speech World}, but the end products took the form of spiders for many of my boys.  Who knew creepy spiders would yield more expressive language than cute caterpillars?  As they glued and glued {adding pictures with their speech sounds and for formulating sentences}, my student teacher read them the Bugs & Slugs story after their little eyes caught a glimpse of the cover on the iPad which was prepped for another group.  You should have heard the discussions following.  Bugs score in speech!

To work on basic concepts, Kim and Angela included "The Queen Bee Says" Basic Concepts activity.  Played like Simon Says, the students can manipulate the bugs in relation to the jar according to what the queen bee says.  I can already hear the kindergarten squeals next week.

What about a game of Mother May I?  Can you remember the last time you played?  Follow the conditional commands successfully and you too can enjoy the "Bug May I Game" included within this packet.

If you know me, I love a good reinforcement activity.  We do not play games in speech, we reinforce in a fun way!  Kim and Angela included three activities within their pack.  You can't go wrong with a good pass the prize activity, so while I'm in the process of prepping this material and wondering if I will use plastic bugs in my prize container, I am certain this will be a HUGE hit next week!  Please note that this product contains color manipulatives; however we are officially out of color ink at my school {and in my home for that matter}, so I had to improvise on the added color.

While I've only shared some of the fabulous offerings in this product, Kim and Angela scored big time with their creative ways to elicit speech and language targets in this Bugs and Slugs Speech and Language Therapy Pack!  Check it out in their store!

Now for the promised giveaway!  One lucky commenter will win Sounds Like Fun's product and a copy of my Getting Buggy Grammar pack!

All you need to do is comment below OR on my IG post on how you may get buggy in your speech room!  I'll pick one winner on April 28th to receive both packets.

If you need a quick {and FREE} open ended articulation worksheet, check out my Getting Buggy Articulation worksheet.

Special thanks to Kim and Angela for hosting this Speech Trading Post and for generously gifting me a copy of Bugs and Slugs Speech and Language Therapy Pack!


  1. What cute activities!!! I can't wait to get my hands on an EET! :)
    I got a little "buggy" in my speech room last week, too, with my "Build a Bug" and then "Ants in the Pants"!

    1. I'm addicted to my EET, although my kids still seem to have trouble with not just telling me if the item being described is the color of the ball. I'm working on it. Build a bug sounds fabulous and what a classic game. Ants is the Pants was a favorite when I was little. I need to grab me a vintage set! Thank you for all your support!!

  2. Fabulous idea and great review. I really do love to read about what you do in therapy. You are awesome. Although, I often feel like I am going buggy in our speech room this packet would be a wonderful alternative!

    1. Yes, going buggy on a daily basis over here!

  3. So cute! I'm always looking for new ideas that can teach the kids about things they enjoy...like bugs! This packet looks very comprehensive and it's something I could use with so many of my students!

    1. Thanks for the comment! Sounds Like Fun did a phenomenal job creating it!


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