It's been a long time without you my friend!

I managed to squeeze in a couple blog posts during those crazy spring months working as a SLP in the schools, but not nearly the posts I had intended.  My organized chaotic mind had quite a few ideas planned.  Some actually made it to draft posts, while others were only notes on my phone.

February, March, and April left little time for sleeping as every moment was spent surviving the workload onslaught.  When May finally arrived, I could see the light, but instead of sailing into the wide open, I decided to say yes to school-wide activities of the extra-curricular kind.  Running twice weekly after school with our Just Run students and witnessing the accomplishments of so many during our 5K race was well worth the extra time.  My own son even discovered an interest and talent in running.  Since then, he's run two other 5K races.

As a co-chair of the school's drama club, we had one big event to execute in May.  The school Talent Show.  We auditioned, rehearsed, and performed over 50 acts, with almost 100 students participating over evening and school day shows.  Music downloading, sound system juggling, Google forms and sheets creating, and student encouraging filled those three weeks of joy.

And just when I thought it was all over, I found myself creating the 5th grade graduation video. Bringing me back to my years of coaching cheerleading, I developed a tradition to showcase the season at the banquet with a video.  I am absolutely not at all fond of public speaking.  I just can't bring myself to a level of comfort.  I'd really rather vomit {truth and I just might}.  My work around was always to show what I wanted to say.  It's all about the reaction seen on the faces of each and every student that appeared in the video.  From the 184 views on my school YouTube channel since that time reinforces for me the time spent creating was worth every moment.

Then June 6th came, I packed up my room, finished my billing over the weekend and was whisked off to Hawaii to help my mom celebrate her 65th birthday and check an item off her bucket list. Family, palm trees, days of sunshine, warm weather, clear water, and an ocean breeze...  I'm not really sure anything else is needed.

Now, I'm back to reality, summer reality though.  Time to readjust, reflect, and relax!  It took me two days to clean my house that had not been touched since March.  I updated calendars, organized a plan for my own children, made lots of house decorating/organizing lists {like to put a curtain on my son's window so he can have his sheet back}, jumped back on my meal planning bandwagon, and packed the beach/pool/baseball/mini-camp bags.  Oh, and I joined the #tptsellerchallenge {more to come on that}!

Summer S-cool Cash Freebie!

Happy summer my friend!

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