TPT Seller Challenge Dare to Dream

Well it's week 2 of the #tptsellerchallenge, hosted by Teach Create MotivatePeppy Zesty TeacheristaThird in Hollywood, and Sparkling in Second.  This week is all about dreaming! Dreaming of goals and desires for your TPT business.  I may be in the minority on this one, but I guess I didn't set out to create something big when I first started creating products on TPT.  It's funny to even think of this endeavor as a small business for me.  Nonetheless, the journey has been one I am so very grateful to have started.  Here are my dreams!
I hope to remain inspired to create products for use within my speech room.  I'm also inspired daily by all the SLP and teacher bloggers I have followed and made connections with.  This was an unexpected benefit!

Since starting this blog and becoming a seller on TPT, there have been many new adventures in learning.  I've noticed how much more difficult it is to learn quickly as each year passes and I don't want my age to hinder my ability to continue to take on new challenges.  {Please remind me of this if I don't get moving on the Facebook proficiency path very soon.}

While I do continue to feel a jolt of appreciation each time someone purchases a product in my store and I put just about all of my earnings back into making more products as well as making purchases for my speech room, I am focused more on being intrinsically motivated.  I started this blog for me; however, that by no means takes away anything from those of you who so graciously follow me and offer comments!  Thank you!

Finally, my dream is to keep everything in perspective.  If it feels good, I'll continue.  When it doesn't fit or the inspiration, learning, or motivation fizzle, then I'll move on.  If it can be balanced with my job and family then I'll continue to dabble in more of creating a niche and marketing my brand.  For now, this is the right approach for me.

Thanks for reading my dreams!  Don't forget to check out the other posts!  If you are an Instagram junkie like me, check out #tptsellerchallenge


  1. You challenge and motivate me! I admire your organization skills and warm personality!

    1. Thank you so much dear friend! Right back at ya! You are truly an inspiration, always so kind, supportive, and willing to include me! Now, maybe you can teach me some FB tricks!

  2. I enjoyed reading your perspective on creating and spelling. I am thrilled just as much about getting a new follower as I am with making a sale.

    I continue to be a learner on this journey, too. I just googled something this morning!

    Best wishes on your goals!

  3. Good list, and great reasoning!!! :)
    I ran by school the other day to put some stuff up, and I looked at all of my materials. Then it hit me: I'm hoping to retire in 10 years. Why am I wearing myself out with blogging and TpT? I'm really going to have to do some serious soul-searching!

  4. You have such a positive outlook! Best of luck on achieving your dreams.

    1. Why that is so kind of you! Thanks so much! I feel like I already have achieved my dreams!


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