#tptsellerchallenge Makeover Madness

I am so drooling over the idea behind the #tptsellerchallenge hosted by Teach Create Motivate, Peppy Zesty Teacherista, Third in Hollywood, and Sparkling in Second.  These ladies are genius!  What a grand idea for the summer months where teachers and SLPs rediscover and rejuvenate.

So, I'm pretty much a go for the challenge, but I'm often not good at following ALL the rules.   I started with my stats.  This is not my motivation for my blog or TPT store, but who doesn't love a follower?!  Can you tell I have a crush on Instagram and clearly I am not jumping on the Facebook train.  If you have any great tips on how I even go about learning FB, I may be up for some late night reading this summer.  I just learned that there is a difference between followers and friends, who knew?  Just like when I started this blog, zero entry is about how far I've moved into Facebook.

The first challenge was totally up my alley.  Makeover Madness!  Thrilling I tell you.  It's like reorganizing a closet or a drawer.  Simply joyous.

Here are the first of my makeovers.  I wanted to get a jump on updating my SLP planner for the 2015-2016 school year.  It is all printed and ready to go in my binder for August {but I am just fine not using it until then}.
Next up, my job of being a mom needed an update to my Summer S-cool Cash FREEBIE.  This is the incentive program I use with my children during the summer.  I've let go the rigid schedule, but I still need behavior management working for me, not against me.  We can't have the summer slide, obsession with screen time, or no showers for days.
Finally {for now}, I did a little reorganizing of my FREEBIE workload forms.  I added a few new forms, kept the old forms, but connected them with a similar cover.  These are forms I use every week during the school year and have for years.  I just added some fun fonts, a simple border, and uploaded as FREEBIES!  Now, I don't have to search for the original paper version each time I need copies. Thank you TPT!  I hope some others may find them useful too!  You can find these SLP Workload Forms in my TPT store Sparklle SLP.  Search under Free and sort by most recent!
With all this Makeover Madness happening, I wonder what else I can makeover?  I just recently bought some grey and white patterned wrapping paper to add to my bathroom closet shelves.  The madness is exciting!


  1. So glad to drop by your sparkly blog, I'm loving the stars! You have been super busy with your makeovers, and they look awesome.


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