My Favorite SLP Happenings of 2015

2015 was a good year for me!  I cannot believe in just a few short days it will be over.  There is no time like the present to link up with Speech Time Fun for My Favorite SLP Happenings of 2015 Link Party.

Now Miss Speechie decided to reveal herself as the lovely Hallie, shortly after she attended ASHA this year.  Now that is quite the Happening of 2015!  I remember reaching out to Miss Speechie early in my blogging endeavor for advice on my anonymity.  In some ways we all need a little support for new adventures to ease apprehension and she was just what I needed.

While I'm definitely not completely anonymous, I'm not ready to reveal entirely.  Until then, here are My Favorite SLP Happenings of 2015!

The lovely, intelligent, ever supportive Annie of Doyle Speech Works ventured to the shores of Lake Erie to visit me. What a special weekend we shared and she even blogged about it here.  As I've said before, meeting many SLPs across the country was something l never expected when starting this blog; however undoubtedly the best perk.  I can't wait to meet even more SLPs in person!

I may have whined about my elementary school closing, which caused a change in my assignment after spending 14 years there.  At the time, it was unsettling, but a major happening of 2015 for me is that I was able to embrace change and immerse myself in a new school.  I survived my first year and while I'm as settled as I'm going to be, I'm a fan of little change as compared to major happenings. I'm not the most comfortable in new situations and taking risks is just not something I do.  This school year I'm finally getting in a routine!  I know some others in my district had some major changes and I feel for their adjustment this year and I truly admire those that bounce from job to job.

I also awkwardly accepted my district's Certified Non-Teaching Employee of the Year Award as I climbed down the bleachers in front of hundreds of other educators.  My dad joked that it was an award entitled to continue the idea of recognizing everyone (thanks dad). My son thought it was quite rude that I wasn't called a teacher.  Love his literalness.  For me, I am honored and humbled as someone thought enough of me to make a nomination. It reminds me to take the time and recognize others!

Finally, I've continued to keep everything in perspective professionally.  Keeping up with this blog, my TPT store, social media (my Facebook Fan Page needs a lot of help), and my school-based SLP career is often quite challenging without perspective. For me, "less is more" still reigns important, however challenging it may be for someone who usually charges full steam ahead with any endeavor without stopping to breathe along the way. 2015 was a good year for being okay with okay.  In doing so, I was able to reach out and join forces with other bloggers and sellers to accomplish more and enjoy even more without exhausting all my energies alone.
I joined the TPT Seller Challenge and participated in Makeover Madness updating existing products in my TPT store.  I have so much more to learn in developing products; however, I truly enjoy creating.

Joining The Frenzied SLPs thanks to my friend Laura of All Y'All Need was a definite highlight. These ladies certainly make frenzied fun!  I love all the ideas for linky parties and giveaway this group generates.  I sure hope you will follow along to learn all the goodness shared!  Here are a few of my favorite posts from this frenzied group.

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I know this post became tangential and I neglected to follow the rules.  (This is me begging for forgiveness.)  Since I'm already deep into marching to my own beat, I'll finish off with two additional favorite posts.  My frenzied friend SLP Runner had an awesome idea which she shared in SLP Bloggers:  Our Weaknesses Turned Strengths.  I never made it to the party, but I drafted a post.  Who knows maybe someday I will publish it.  Finally, I'm linking to The Dabbling Speechie's An SLP Song Playlist of 2015 post.  I will surely re-visit this post often!

Thanks Hallie for hosting this linky party!  I enjoyed reflecting on some of My Favorite SLP Happenings of 2015!  What were some of your favorite happenings of 2015?  I'd love to hear.

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  1. What a remarkable year you have had my friend. For sure my highlight was a trip to OHIO!!! Keep on sparkling, Sparklle!


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