A Frenzied SLP Resolution!

Happy New Year 2016!  I hope your holidays were exactly as you intended.  I am grateful for the time to relax, vacation, and be productive.  To kick off 2016, The Frenzied SLPs are bringing you resolutions to make your frenzied life a little less frenzied in the new year.

Last year I vowed to remember, "less is more," and in keeping with that resolution, in 2016 I will try to use what I have to make my frenzied SLP life a little less frenzied! For those of you that have been practicing for quite some time, you likely have hoarded a collection of materials.  I'm not exactly vowing to stop hoarding practices any time soon, but I will try to use those materials that have been organized so neatly within my cabinets, yet rarely see the florescent lights of my therapy room.

If I use what I have, here is how I hope to be less frenzied.

I will not be trying to reinvent the wheel every time I have an idea.  That's exhausting!

I will also find treasures that I forgot I owned.  Who's with me?  How many times have you created the same visual?

I will be more organized with go-to materials.  If it works, I'll use it again and again!

I will have more time for other things, even if those happen to be billing and report writing.

I may find some materials are worth purging.  Vintage is back, but one can only store so many materials before the shelves start to bow.  Purging would actually make more room for new materials!  How easily I lose focus.

These pictures fail to show the three tall filing cabinets and endless clear plastic bins of created materials also in my speech room.  I will try, I will try, I will try to use what I have!

Make sure to check out how other SLPs are trying to make our frenzied lives a little less frenzied in 2016!  You can start with my friend Laura at All Y'All Need.  What will you try in 2016?


  1. Nice! Less IS more oftentimes, unless, of course it comes to TpT materials -haha. Many blessings in 2016. SLP Runner

  2. I've thought long & hard about that as well. I have so much materials from the 30 years of being an SLP that I really don't need to make things for TpT unless it's an absolute must. (That made a lot of sense, didn't it?!) I'm going to try to write more (blogging) and make less materials just to build up my store. :)

  3. I have also put a lot of thought into this as well. I totally agree with you that we already have a lot of materials after years of being school SLP's. I need a visual of what I have used each month in each category addressed so next year I can easily see what I have.

  4. What a great concept - I'll have to remember what I have!
    All Y’all Need

  5. Since I can't always remember what I have, I pledge to look in cabinets and cupboards and FIND what I have! Oh and USE what I have!! :)

  6. What a great resolution! I haven't succeeded ye, but it does lead to better organization!

  7. I have a problem with buying too many new toys and materials for sure! But I also love using tried-and-true things from my cabinets and closets. Thanks for the reminder to look to those things more often!

  8. I'm on your page! I need to try to use what I have a little more. We have tons of terrific materials already. Great thinking! Have a happy and productive 2016! Manda

  9. Hello, my name is Annie and I'm an SLP hoarder! Problem is all my amazingly talented friends keep creating THE BEST materials. Maybe we're codependent!


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