Confession #227.  Yes, I often spend over $20 at any "dollar" spot or store each time I set foot into the area.  Can't. Help. Myself.  Go ahead eat your Target pretzel while I peruse the dollar treasures. I'll just be at the Dollar Tree while you are at karate.  Yes, I will be on time to pick you up.

Since I've collected my share of junk therapy finds, I'm linking up over at Talkin' with Twang to bring you some dollar store ideas for your therapy room.

Below is a snapshot of my most recent purchase.  This contains only the items that made it to my therapy room.  I have 3 additional baskets for my garage, dish towels, and Valentine gifts for teachers still at home.

I fill my prize box with school supplies only.  I purchase most of my prizes at the dollar store.  Mini notebooks are my hot commodity.

I just love a good container for reinforcement activity cards.  Hand in, eyes out.  Pick, don't peek.  If you don't play reinforcement games in therapy, what are you waiting for?!

I love craftivities, but finding the time to prep usually means haphazardly cutting pieces as the activity is being explained.  But these beauties are grab-n-go.  My best product tester and sample maker (my middle child) was hard at work.

I use these crafts more as reinforcement following target skill practice, but the activity alone could be incorporated into your therapy plan to address therapeutic objectives as well.

An SLP somewhere on social media (I apologize I cannot recall) has quite a collection of mini erasers.  Mini erasers can be used for roll and cover activities when filling a board.  Students can collect these treasures following practice of a target skill.  They can also be used for following directions.  Line them up and give directions galore.

(I neglected to take a picture of my mini eraser collections.)

If you haven't checked out my recent Organization Tips for SLPs post, you might find quite a few dollar store containers in my therapy room too.  I use them for corralling therapy materials within my cabinets mostly.  It's so visually appealing to me!

What are your must purchase dollar store items?  How do you use these items in your speech room? Don't forget to check out all the other link ups over at Talkin' with Twang.


  1. How lucky you are to still have product testers! Just wait until they become proofreaders!!

  2. Great ideas!! My students love crafts as reinforcement - nice change to a game and fun to send home. This is a cute heart one- I need to go grab that too.

  3. I have a popcorn container just like yours that I almost threw out! Glad I didn't, 'cause I'm going to take it to school and use for my prize box at one of my schools! :)

  4. Yay for containers and quick craftivity supplies! I need to follow your idea of loading the prize box with school supplies. Love it! Thanks for linking up!


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