The Week Ahead in My Speech Room

Here is what I have planned for The Week Ahead in My Speech Room!  We are finishing up our winter theme and adding a little Groundhog Day activities too.

I've linked a few products that I will be using from other Teachers Pay Teachers stores.

I have these cute groundhog dice from Groundhog Roll-a-Story created by K. Ratliff.  I searched and it does not appear that this product is still available, sadly.  Narrative creation is something some of my students are really focusing on currently.  You can also use Rory's Story Cubes and Story in a Can for purchase from Lauren Lacour.

This FREEBIE Groundhog Day Synonym Search by April Guenzler is perfect for matching synonyms.

You can also check out the lovely sisters of Twin Speech Language and Literacy's Groundhog Day Flashlight Articulation for /k, g, f/ sounds FREEBIE!

While I have my own (ancient) Groundhog open-ended reinforcement game, you can check out Jenna's Groundhog Day Generic Game FREEBIE!

I'll also be using my girl Schoolhouse Talk's Wacky Winter Vocabulary FREEBIE for targeting a collection of vocabulary goals.

Likely you will see Don't Break the Ice reappearing from under my table again to use Dolye Speech Works' product.  You can purchase Don't Break the Ice Mats for Articulation and Language HERE. My 5th graders like a fun challenge here and there and the idioms will be perfect for practicing a target skill too!

I'll be using many other materials from my cabinets as well paired with a reinforcement activity to target individual objects for my students!

Have a great week!  What does the week ahead look like in your room?


  1. Thank you so very much for trying out and mentioning our freebie! You're so thoughtful! I'm hoping the groundhog predicts an early spring!
    Shanda and Manda
    Twin Speech

  2. Ohhh! Great roundup! Thanks for sharing your plans, and for mentioning the Wacky Winter Vocabulary freebie :) Enjoy!

    Schoolhouse Talk


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