A Sincere Thank You!

It's been well over a week since I said goodbye to my 30s and I'm coping as expected.  What I didn't expect was the kindness that was shared with me.  You all know how to make a girl feel pretty darn special!

Thank you to those that entered my birthday bash giveaway and hopped through the blog hop hosted by my friend, The Speech Attic.  The prizes are all given away, but the freebies are still available.  I loved reading your comments about how you celebrated your birthday!

My fabulous speech department treated me to a quick lunch at a delightful taco restaurant in our small downtown area.  I even took away some treasures.  I was lucky to receive a festive headband hat that will surely serve me well during our next hat day at school, as well as chili pepper sunglasses and a blinking button.  Now that's style! Along with a pile of yummy chocolates, I scored this creative pink container filled with 40+ reasons why I am special.  I may just read these every week!

My school friends shared an evening with me at a district scholarship raffle and sang "Happy Birthday" to me quietly as though not to draw attention.  I was showered with a gourmet chocolate cupcake and two trendy bracelets.  LOVE!

I not only had two family parties, went out to eat with my mom and immediate family at a favorite restaurant, but also received a message and a gift each day (for 40 days prior to my big day). Most mornings my husband and kids would greet me with my daily surprise in this pretty box.

I scored some flowers delivered to my speech from my mom and my youngest and still get to enjoy these pink tulips.

Although I continue to inform everyone that I don't understand Facebook.  That has not changed, but seeing all the well wishes on my personal profile brought a smile to my face.  Thank you!

What surprised me the most was a dear SLP friend, you know who you are, who took the time to call and have a group of her students working on /s/ blends serenade me, singing, "Happy Birthday dear Sparklle!"  How amazingly awesome is that?!  Speech therapy carryover across the country.

These gestures of celebration and kindness amounted to much joy.  I truly appreciate everyone in my life!  Thank you from the bottom of this SLP heart!  If you didn't yet pick up this Birthday Bash FREEBIE, please download it now for some birthday fun in your speech room!

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